Nourishing Books and Foods

nourishing books
Check out my new books!! I had some money given to me for my birthday this month, and this is what I chose to buy. All three books are excellent, but I particularly love Nourishing Traditions. Yes, it does live up to the hype! It is a wonderful mixture of information, recipes, history, and general instruction. Definitely a book to be treasured.

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book certainly sheds a lot of light on some of the digestive difficulties that many children with autistic spectrum disorders (amongst other things) suffer from. Although I don’t think Gman’s symptoms warrant the strictness of this diet, it has certainly given us a lot to think about with regards to reducing our intake of grains and other starchy carbohydrates together with increasing the amounts of healthy fats and probiotic foods we eat.

Full Moon Feast I haven’t looked at in depth yet, but looks to be fascinating reading with some super recipes. I will report back when I’ve read more of it!

This weekend, we paid our first visit to a farmer’s market not too far from home – on the Sandringham Estate. It was well worth the trip! We came back with venison mince and burgers, pheasant breast and fresh prawns.

farmers market - pheasantfarmers market - venison burgersfarmers market - venison mincefarmers market - prawns

In case you think it’s all about the meat 🙂 , I did get armfuls of veggies as well, including some magnificent red curly kale:

farmers market - red kale

Kale has been quite a revelation to me since getting my Excalibur dehydrator. It makes the most wonderful snack food – tossed in a mixture of olive oil, honey and chilli then dehydrated until it’s crispy. Nomnomnom.

In other food news, I had my first go at making stock this weekend, something emphasised as important in both the GAPS and Nourishing Traditions book. For some reason, I’d always thought making stock was way beyond my skill set, but it was EASY and so worth it. Yesterday I used the stock in a scrumptious home made venison chilli, and today used it to make gravy. And there’s more left to use tomorrow and more in the freezer! And basically all I had to do was cover a chicken with water, throw in a few chopped veg and a little cider vinegar and simmer it for hours – which of course filled the house with delicious aromas – wonderful 🙂

I am linking this post up to Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food Wednesday and Food Renegades Fight Back Friday.

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8 thoughts on “Nourishing Books and Foods

  1. mmmmmmm you picked up some fine meat! I love game season. Full Moon Feast looks interesting, am going to look it up on Amazon 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Quite simply, I want to come for dinner x

  3. Julie says:

    You are going great with this. Where are you getting your dehydrator recipes from?
    I recommend the curried carrot soup in Nourishing Traditions – it’s my standby soup and tastes delicious.

    • vivjm says:

      I’ve got an armful of raw food library books at the moment so working my way thru the dehydrator recipes in those. Curried carrot soup sounds great, will give that one a go!

  4. Janet says:

    My hubby would be drooling over those meats! And I’m drooling over the books! I used to make stock but haven’t done so in awhile but now you’ve made me want to do some again.

  5. How fun!! I bought books on my last birthday too LOL! Jealous of the Excalibur, I’ve wanted one for a while but haven’t been able to “justify” the price yet. Maybe soon 🙂

    Did you make a bone broth or just meat? I saw a ND who told me to always use the bones from meat to make a bone broth. So now when we have a whole chicken the next day it’s soup. Beef bones you have to broil first in order to get the good stuff out of them, but don’t want to waste anything 🙂

    • vivjm says:

      I like the “no waste” aspect of it too. I used the whole chicken, bones and all, and we had the cooked chicken with salad for the next couple of days.

      The Excalibur was an extravagance, but I do love it! (though my husband complains a bit about the noise it makes :-))

  6. Andria says:

    Nourishing Traditions looks like a book I want to look into. The idea of dehydrated kale as a snack sounds really yummy. Looks like you have some (from my perspective) unusual meals to enjoy after that trip to the market.

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