Moons, Menstruation, Mould and Media

Ooh, I do like a bit of alliteration 😉

So…lots of you health-conscious, social-media connected ladies will have seen this blog post about a mouldy tampon, right? I saw it, shared by Feminine Wear on a well known social media site, and decided to post it to my wall. This is the conversation that ensued (no names):

D: havent used them since a teenager ,a doctor once told me if all women could see what he saw in examinations,e.g mouldy remnants left behind internally,women would never use them.

Me: OK, I’m convinced!!

J: ‎Viv you need a moon cup.

Me: Think you’re right J – I do have washable pads but supplemented with tampons on heavy days cos not been brave enough for mooncup lol. This might be the motivation I need tho!

P: That is truly shocking. Kotex attitude stinks! How can they even pretend that selling a mouldy tampon presents no risk? Gross!

T: Too much information thanks Viv!

P: Women have become too afraid to talk about their own bodies. Why? I don’t think this is too much information at all. Thanks for posting x

T: I think the male friends of Viv may disagree with you!

D: they should man up then

Me: What she says 😉

So, who is right?  Is sharing such things in a place where male friends might potentially read them in bad taste, insensitive, “too much information”?  As you can see I sided with a friend who considers that such a man should “man up”.  To me, this is an important health and social issue and I don’t think it should be swept under the carpet.  And if that means sharing information about my personal choice of menstrual solution then so be it. Men are also fathers, husbands, healthcare professionals…I hope they wouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed or shocked to read about – SHOCK HORROR! – menstrual pads!  And maybe they might talk to the women in their lives about what products they use, and what health risks these might potentially involve.   And that’s where I stand.

On the subject of menstruation, my lovely friend Motherfunker of Feet on the ground and head in the clouds blog recently gave me the gift of Lucy H Pearce’s book “Moon Time”

I haven’t had chance to properly read it yet, but it seems to be a really positive book, with lots of idea for women to get in touch with their bodies and their menstrual cycles. I will try and do a proper review when I’ve read it, but figured that this was a good time to mention it!

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6 thoughts on “Moons, Menstruation, Mould and Media

  1. Just wanted to say I have a mooncup and will never look back. I rarely have periods though some kind of hormone thing is going on that is taking its time to settle down so i’m kind of making the most of it….but my last period (october) was my second one with a mooncup and I was in france. The sewage system there is very ‘different’ to over here and was horendous for trying to flush anything more than a single piece of paper. BUT, sewage aside, the mooncup and I handled my VERY heavy period without the slightest leak (still had pad in place just in case) I went 4 5 even 6 hours without thinking about changing (with tampons i’d be to the loo every 2 or 3 hours with the biggest kind.)
    Kind of lost my point somewhere along the way. O yeah, if men get offended by ladies talking about periods, surely we should get offended at them objectifying our breasts…..enough said.
    Fantastic post as always my lovely x

  2. Ok that’s just NASTY!! This is the first time I’ve seen this, I don’t belong to any social media sites. I’m so grossed out though! I switched to Lunette menstrual cup probably a year ago. I will NEVER go back. It is the best think since sliced bread! ok… maybe the best thing since juicing 😉 I was afraid of leaks and discomfort but truly I can go all day and not have to think about it. I left it at home the last time I started and had to go buy some organic tampons, I was hating life. I remembered why I changed in the first place. There is a youtube user who does reviews on all menstrual cups, she shows you the different sizes, the different stem lengths… I did a lot of research before settling on Lunette. Some of them we can’t get here in the US, thanks FDA, but you might have better access. I do highly recommend them. I had a old blog where I posted a review and it was by far the most viewed blog I had. I think a lot of woman are looking for other ways. Ok I just wrote a book 😉 Thanks for the post. That tampon is nasty!

  3. I have heard really good things about menstrual cups and after 4 babies (last one weighing in a whopping 10lb 14) tampons and me are history! We have practiced Billings Ovulation Method, a form of Natural Family Planning, for the last 8 years and have beautifully spaced children and a real understanding (I’m saying we cos this includes Hubby!) of my fertility. From what I can gather, menstrual cups really help with being able to accurately record your fertile signs… a definite selling point for someone like me!
    Thanks for sharing on this rather “taboo” topic :). The more women come to embrace, understand and love their fertility, the more healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually we will be!

  4. Allie says:

    I don’t even have words for what I felt when I read that post and saw those pictures. I can tell you though that menopause is the greatest thing that ever happened to me, lol! Egads. Egads egads egads.

  5. Motherfunker says:

    A loving man might have read that and gone home and said to their wife – for goodness sake, promise me you won’t buy Kotex tampons, I saw something on Facebook today showing a picture of one with mould on it! Have you ever thought about using something else? Like one of those moon thingys?

    An immature man might go home to his wife and say Viv Manning is gross!

    Our bodies were here before all this other crap we now worship. People forget we are still mammals. No amount of perfume, high heels, make up or clothing can alter this basic human fact – we are women, we bleed once a month, we can either start reclaiming it as something sacred or worship our flat screen tv’s and our shiny cars and other unimportant stuff like that instead.


  6. vivjm says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments. Glad I’m not alone in my thinking on this 🙂

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