Every Day Matters

Inspired by Tammy, and encouraged by Leanne, I have decided to embark on the Every Day Matters weekly drawing challenge (which has a yahoo group, a Facebook group and a Flickr group if you want to find out more!) This has been going for quite a few years, and there are 328 challenges so far (see them on this list) so I have a fair bit of catching up to do ;-).

I figured it would give me some inspiration and motivation for improving my drawing abilities. I have never considered myself a creative person. Until starting home educating my boys four years’ ago, I hadn’t done anything artistic or creative since school (and then I tried my best to avoid such things!) but figured it would set a good example if I joined in learning some new skills with them. Since then I have learned to sew and quilt; tried painting and drawing; and just generally stretched myself in new creative directions. So I have no “innate” ability that I am aware of, and have had no formal instruction. I am just a curious person wanting to try to develop a skill as best I can, and to enjoy myself along the way.

What I have found, through sketching with the boys, is that drawing something is a wonderful way of really noticing the world. It is mindfulness in action – an almost spiritual process, and whilst it can be frustrating, it can also be very calming and soothing. Much like meditation really.

So, that’s the background, on with the drawing!

EDM Challenge #1 – Draw your shoe

EDM #1 Draw your shoe

These shoes are the most comfortable I have ever had. In fact, they are so comfortable that I bought a second pair in a different colour. At the time my husband assured me that this was most definitely a sign that I was getting old ;-). I am not terribly pleased with the drawing, in as much as the shoe doesn’t look quite right. The back half is ok, the front half is, well, not quite right. But hey, this is a process, a learning curve. A girl’s gotta start somewhere, huh?

Although I have started with challenge #1, I probably will try to rebel against any obsessive orderly list making tendencies I may have, and do the others in a random order 😉

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25 thoughts on “Every Day Matters

  1. Welcome to the EDM group. I think this shoe is lovely! If you didn’t say anything was wrong with the front.. I wouldn’t have know. But like you said…it’s a process… and a fun journey at that! Can’t wait to see more of your work.

  2. Hello Viv,
    Hope you don’t mind me commenting. I saw your post on Every Day Matters so I thought I would pop round and have a little peek at your drawing.
    I think it is wonderful. You should be much more pleased than you are with it. It looks fine to me (well, fantastic really).
    Right – If you don’t mind I’m going to stay here a while as I noticed you have a post on Buddhism that I would really like to read.

    P.S. Great quilts!

  3. danscanvas says:

    Well the shoe looks quite right to me. I think it is an excellent drawing. You have it right – there is nothing like drawing to make you see and nothing like drawing or painting to be in the moment. When I am painting there is nothing else. The challenges are great, but don’t feel constrained. If you feel that the challenges become tedious or restricting, feel free to take a break and draw other “everyday matters” around you. The idea of the challenges, I think, is so you will always have a subject to draw. In fact, you always do – everywhere. Welcome to EDM!

    • vivjm says:

      Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. I think that, as a beginner, it is helpful to have the prompts so I never have to think “help! what should I draw?!” but I will try not to feel constrained by them, and imagine I will get more adventurous as I go along!

  4. Even if you are not pleased with your drawing keep going if this can challenge you to make better art! By the way you have to do it because you like it and it can feel you better. that’s the secret! doing art for feeling better, no matter of results. Keep dooing daily, even for small thing, and soon it wil become a fantastic habit!


  5. Andria says:

    I think your shoe looks great, Viv, and I think it’s awesome that you are embarking on this challenge. I can’t believe you are starting back on #1 though! I think you can definitely skip around to what suits your fancy. I give you big props for doing it; I was determined to work on my drawing at the beginning of last year, but have chickened out in the meantime!

  6. Beth Berman says:

    Welcome to EDM Yahoo group. If this is your first drawing, you are amazing.

  7. Mary Walker says:

    This shoe is outstanding it looks like you uploaded it into a photoshop program and removed the color from an actual picture.

  8. Jane A says:

    I think the shoe is great! Welcome to the EDM group too – and I fully understand what you mean about the looking necessary for drawing bringing a whole new dimension to seeing generally – it’s been a transformation for me to see how I notice things more and differently, with a heightened appreciation.

  9. Sandra says:

    You have found the right group at EDM. We are all about learning to see and record the world around us. Your shoe is taking the right step!

    • vivjm says:

      Teehee, I love that my shoe is taking the right step 🙂 I am constantly trying to be more aware and awake, and I really believe that drawing is going to help with that. I am thrilled to be part of the EDM group, and touched by the lovely welcome I have been given.

  10. Denise says:

    Wow your very very good. Not a beginner by any means. So well done.

  11. Stacey-Ann says:

    Wow! Well done – it seems you definitely do have an innate ability to draw! I love all the detail that you have included and by the way, welcome to the Everyday Matters Drawing group!

  12. molly says:

    love all the detail in your teva! and I’ve wondered myself about whether to stick with the list in order or to just pick and choose from among the 300+. I think it will be the latter… I’m sure I won’t be able to help myself. 🙂

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