Hunting Treasure

Regular readers will know that I looooove books.

Like many people, I suspect, I do tend to read books that I know are “me” – that are by authors I know, or are similar to other books I have read. So, when I saw this challenge by Daire of Doing it the Open Way, I thought this might be just the thing to get me reading a wider variety of things, and taking a risk on books I might not otherwise have tried. Here’s how Daire describes the challenge:

Basically I’m going to give you a list of topics, and you have to read a book with each of those things in the title. (I’ll be doing it too). There is no time limit for this challenge, and there will be no prize, it is simply a whimsical way to get through those stacks of books you’ve ‘always’ intended on reading.

Below is the list of scavenger clues. I’ve already started thinking about books I might read for each of the clues, and these are in italics. If you have any great books to recommend that would fit into any of the categories, then give me a shout 🙂

Something you’d find in space
Geological formation
A colour
My Name is Red (Orhan Pamuk)
A farmyard animal
A zoo animal The Tiger’s Wife (Tea Obreht)
A type of building
A profession
An illness
A month November (Flaubert)
A country
A girl’s name Naomi (Jun’ichirō Tanizaki)
A boy’s name
A body of water Wide Sargasso Sea (Jean Rhys)
A mode of transportation
A kind of food Quite a Year for Plums (Bailey White)
A kind of drink The Color of Tea (Hannah Tunnicliffe)
A feeling
A flower Black Orchid (Neil Gaiman)
A hobby you have
A hobby you don’t have
Something made of metal
Something made of wood
Something made of plastic
A toy or game
A family relationship
A number
A mythical creature
A shape
Something you’d wear
Something you don’t like
Something scientific
A question mark
A precious stone
A bird
A time of day#

What fun!!

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24 thoughts on “Hunting Treasure

  1. Morwhenna Woolcock says:

    What a fab idea!

  2. Daire says:

    Heyyy! Thank you for being the first to join in with my whimsical reading challenge! I am now officially following you so I can check up on your progress 😉 I’ve been sat at my desk trying to think of books for the different categories… I’m so excited, I just want to go home and raid my bookshelves… D x

  3. smittenness says:

    This is a great idea! I’m in a bit of a reading rut at the moment and this might be the inspiration I need.

  4. whitneymakes says:

    I love this idea, and I may have to join in! In the meantime, here are a few suggestions. I haven’t read all of these but those I haven’t are on my to read list for the year.

    Country: The Paris Wife (could also work for a family relationship)
    Kind of Food: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake ( I know you already had one but I loved this book! I suppose it could also work for a feeling)
    Toy or Game: A Game of Thrones (Not exactly what they meant by game I’m guessing, but really great book and series.)
    Family Relationship: The Sisters
    A Boys Name: Life of Pi, or if you’ve already read that, The Lies of Locke Lamora
    A profession: Some Girls- My Life in a Harem (this one is a bit controversial, but I found it oddly interesting. It is troubling though, so be warned this is not a book for everyone!)
    Type of Building: The House on Mango Street
    Something you’d wear: Girls in White Dresses (I’ve heard mixed reviews, but its on my list to read)
    A Precious Stone: I’m sure you’ve already read it, but Girl with a Pearl Earring would certainly apply

    Do you use Goodreads? I highly recommend it 🙂

    • vivjm says:

      Excellent! Thank you so much for your suggestions – off to add them to my spreadsheet 😉
      I have been contemplating reading Game of Thrones for ages, but too scared to start in case I get sucked in and can’t stop til I’ve read them all lol.
      Yes, I am on Goodreads…my user name is Snoozerider on there (long story!) – be good to “meet” on there – have sent you a friend request.

      • whitneymakes says:

        I’m reading the second book in the series now and they are a little addicting! My goal is to finish the third book before the third season comes out in March, so I’m not allowed to read anything else until then!

  5. Lovely blog! We have 31 books for free centres across the UK we hope you can pick up your 3 books at one sometime, Happy New Year!

  6. If you did this with movies to watch i could TOTALLY figure it out LOL!!!

    • vivjm says:

      Ha ha – that could be the next challenge!! Maybe some of those movies are also books though, if you have some ideas..?

      • OH there are so many ways you could go… Classics, Godfather etc… Then there are Art hous films like Brick, Could also do Jane Austen Thyme… Chick Flicks SO many to choose from!!!

  7. Andria says:

    This is SUCH a cool idea…I’ve never seen anything like it. I already made my “reading list” for the year, but I might dabble around with some of these categories at some point. Very clever!

  8. HeARTworks says:

    How interesting! I wonder if ebooks count? :^) patsy

  9. Kat H says:

    Brilliant idea! I may just have to join in, it’ll help me figure out what to read next from my “to read” stash. 😉

    • vivjm says:

      Ooh yes, do! It’s certainly helping me decide what to read next. In fact, I am now reading the very first book I added to my “to read” list when I joined Goodreads 🙂

  10. Julie says:

    Great idea! Won’t be joining you this year because I am trying to read a non-fiction book a week instead!
    Book ideas –
    A boys name – Kensuke’s Kingdom (I know it is a kid book but still fantastic!) or a Prayer for Owen Meaney
    Precious stone – The moonstone by Wlkie Collins
    A time of day – Midnight in the garden of good and evil – John Berendt
    A country – Tuva or bust by Ralph Leighton
    Weather – The other wind by Ursula le Guin (but I think it is the last book in a series?)
    Colour – a dry white season – Andre Brink or Seeing Red by Coral Atkins
    An illness – I can only think of Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby
    Something you would wear – the man who mistook his wife for a hat!

    I will think on about the others!

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