No More Challenges Challenge

I think it’s fair to say that, for me, 2013 is not proving to be a year of successfully completing challenges. I am sorry to say that I have even given up on the ICAD Challenge this year. Maybe because my life is more complex, maybe because I am already channeling my creative energy into other things. Maybe because the boys haven’t been as enthusiastic about it this year. I am not going to beat myself up over it though. But I am going to set myself a new challenge for 2013. I am calling it the NO MORE CHALLENGES CHALLENGE. I challenge myself to not accept any more challenges for the remainder of 2013. I think this may be one challenge I can rise to!!

In other news, I have finally completed my latest doll. Here she is, sunning herself in the apple tree:

doll in the apple tree

I don’t have a name for her yet – suggestions welcome 🙂

Here she is with her sisters, Flo and Dot:

my three dolls

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27 thoughts on “No More Challenges Challenge

  1. Motherfunker says:

    What a pretty trio of sisters 🙂 I am rubbish at challenges – haven’t even blogged for about a month! Best to go with the flow of life sometimes and let creativity come naturally rather than try and schedule and be disciplined about it…. Xxx

  2. I am relieved …. I am not the only one … the life is full of challenges. I failed one and now I only accepted the one which ends 31 December this year – 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long – I think I can manage this. And then I will challenge myself in my own time.
    Your dolls are adorable – the name, hmmm – the first what cross my minde seeing the doll was Babuszka…. I don’t know why…

    • vivjm says:

      You’re right – life is full of challenges, whether we call them challenges or not!! The sewalong sounds like a fun one though.

  3. Mary Walker says:

    It’s really important to follow your creative heart on the path that it leads you. Be brave and never doubt that no challenges is completely good if that is what keeps you inspired.

  4. craftymadre says:

    Your dolls are beautiful! I’m just starting off in the “challenge world”. It’s been great for me to force myself to do a little something creative every day. It’s really gotten my juices flowing. Yours, however, are clearly flowing abundantly. As long as you keep up that kind of work, why waste your time on challenges when you could be doing your own cool thing??

    • vivjm says:

      Glad you like the dolls – they are so satisfying to make!
      I think I need to do something creative every day, but the trouble is, I can’t ever foresee where that creative urge will take me, so reigning it in to a particular challenge doesn’t seem to be working for me.

  5. Daire says:

    The problem is… challenges are addictive!

  6. Jackie says:

    I understand totally! I was ambitious and started Daily Ink – wanted to draw or write in my journal EVERY day. Did well for the first month and here I am now, unexpectedly buying a new house and moving in 5 weeks time!!! I do not have the time or inclination for every day stuff when I have so much to plan and organise and do! Ah well, I think any creativity is better than none! I love your trio of dolls, very pretty 🙂

  7. roylcoblog says:

    Lovely work! It takes a lot out of an individual to create something that is both their own and yet separate. And to repeat this every time a challenge is made! Good on you for sticking through so far. A challenge is a challenge, even the no-challenge you’ve made 😉

  8. Don’t beat yourself up over it – sometimes it’s better to walk away than force yourself to go through something that isn’t right, so well done for making that decision!

    • vivjm says:

      Thanks! I do worry about walking away from stuff but think the answer might be not to sign up for these things in the first place!!

  9. Gjeometry says:

    Love your Russian dolls, so cute! I challenge you to refrain from challenges!

  10. Ben Naga says:

    For a name I suggest Win.

    As for challenges: simplifying is often a good move so dropping the extraneous is advantageous. .Look out, look in, look up, look down.

  11. Ben Naga says:

    For a name? Win?

    Simplifying is generally useful. Look in for direction and trust your heart.

  12. YES! A rest from challenges…sounds good 🙂

  13. Andria says:

    Haha, Viv…sounds like the most challenging challenge of all! Love those dollies.

  14. Love your dolls. I also think you must have the most glorious fabric stash. 🙂

    Sometimes we are creatively inspired enough by life and we have no need to add anything else into the mix. Sometimes life happens and challenges just don’t fit or resonate. There is wisdom in listening and compassion for following through. Good luck on no more challenges. 🙂

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