I Love My Square Sketchbook!

I’m a bit in between major creative projects at the moment. But that’s ok, cos I have been having fun just playing, without an agenda or a goal in mind. I recently bought a six inch square sketchbook and I love it!

I have experimented with cut out triangles:

fun with triangles

Fractured bunting?

fun with triangles again

Rectangles can be fun too:

rectangles are fun too

This week I checked out “20 Ways to Draw a Tree” from the library and I have been enjoying making pages of drawings inspired by it.

Fungi and acorns:

fun with fungi and acorns

Snails and caterpillars:

fun with snails and caterpillars

Making time to play is important to me. How about you?

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17 thoughts on “I Love My Square Sketchbook!

  1. Julie says:

    Ooh! I love it. Fantastic. The triangles are great. Can;t wait to see it.

  2. s. says:

    I like your idea. MAKE time to PLAY. I too like your triangles.

  3. shirley says:

    Great pages – and I’m sure that you had a wonderful time playing.

  4. Definitely! Just wish I had more time to do stuff like that.

  5. I love working in a square format. Great fun pages. I think I like the fungi page best but the snails are cute and who doesn’t like moving bits and piece of black shapes around a page and okay I love them all.

  6. I really like to peek on your creative process and can’t wait to see what will be the final outcome… having said that I think that the road is as enjoyable as the destination. keep us posted, please!

  7. annjrippin says:

    The twenty ways to draw a books are great, aren’t they? I sometimes use the tree one as a bit of a meditation – just draw something! Lovely sketchbooks, though.


  8. Andria says:

    I love your triangle play! I have 20 Ways to Draw a Cat, and after my kids’ initial “play” with it, I put it aside. I need to get it back out, and indulge in a little play myself. Thanks for the reminder!!

    • vivjm says:

      Ooh, yes – have a play! I have also picked up the 20 Ways to Draw a Cat book from the library (waiting for 20 Ways to Draw a Dress to arrive next). I prefer the trees one though.

  9. razorcandy says:

    the bunting is my favourite from the cutting up shapes thing but they all look awesome.. not a huge fan of snails & catterpillars though – they gross me out :-/

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