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Whoop Whoop – Another Round of Hexagons

It’s getting harder to photograph this quilt, as it’s getting so biiiig. The best light in the house is in Gman’s room so I went there to take the photo (hence the random pieces of lego etc around the edges)

hexies december 2013

Here it is a bit closer up:

hexies december 2013 closer

I’m beginning to concede that a hexagon shaped quilt may not be all that practical, so I am going to start squaring off the corners next, still with alternate rows of light/medium/light/medium/light/dark. Fingers crossed it will turn out ok!

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Hexagons on the Sofa

I (finally) finished the latest round of hexagons. The light rounds are the least fun, cos there’s not as much colour to play with, but I know they are needed to give the eye somewhere to rest so I plod on ;-). The patchwork is now big enough to just about cover our two seater sofa as you can see:

hexagons on the sofa april 2013

The next round will be a round of medium value colours, so I get to play with oranges, pinks, greens, blues…fun!

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A Life Unplugged in Pictures

A stack of lovely library books:

library book loving

Getting to grips with French knots:

french knot blushesfrench knots at sea

Some daily paper prompts:

stripyfun with circles DPP #43textures collage

Another entry in the EDM Challenge. This one is #143 Draw a herb or spice.

EDM #143 Draw a herb or spice

Starting an illustrated journal (inspired by Danny Gregory):

first page

Four days staying in a cottage by the seaside. No wi-fi (eek!) but plenty of strange nick-nacks to practice my drawing:


Ah, all this time away from the computer has given me plenty of time to create things to blog about 😉

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hexies 13 rings colour

469.  That’s how many hexagons I’ve sewn together for this quilt.  Phew.

hexies 13 rings flat shot

I love the soothing, meditative, repetitive nature of making this quilt.  I feel a connection to women from the past, ancestors.  So it’s only fitting that I should photograph it in sepia tones I think 🙂

hexies 13 rings sepia

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A Burst of Creative Alchemy

Earlier this week I found myself in the very unusual position of having the house to myself for a few hours. Being a dutiful wife, I knuckled down to catch up with the household chores. Ha ha, just kidding!! Instead, I armed myself with cloth, tissue paper and glue and set to work creating some “paper cloth” – a process described in Stitch Alchemy.

I started with a piece of plain fabric (this is Osnaburg I think – couldn’t lay my hands on any muslin), brushed a mixture of diluted PVA glue all over it then began tearing bits of coloured tissue paper, dip-dyed paper towels and a page from an old annual and sticking those down. Here’s the cloth after the first round of tissue paper:

1st stage paper cloth

I fully intended to take photos of all the stages like a *proper* blogger, but erm, got a bit carried away. In any case, by the time I had stuck the first round down my fingers were covered in glue and paint, which I didn’t think my DH would appreciate me spreading over his camera buttons ;-). So here it is all covered and ready to dry out:

paper cloth

This burst of creative activity is partly prompted by Hanna’s announcement that she will be hosting another DIY Postcard Swap this year. This involves making 10 postcards and sending them off to 10 other participants, and receiving postcards in return. I loved doing this last year, and made some lovely new blog friends in the process. I wasn’t sure I would have time to do it this year, but if I can shape this paper cloth into something decent to use for backgrounds then I probably will. In any case, I recommend checking out Hanna’s blog for a lovely dose of inspiring creativity. You could also look at the Flickr group to see some of the amazing art that was swapped. Last year I made a selection of cards using different techniques:

Three using transfer dyed Vilene, embellished felt and hand embroidery:

postcard 3postcard 2postcard 2

Three using painted Vilene with machine stitching and an inspiring quotation:

postcard 6postcard 5
postcard 4

One with free pieced patchwork and hand stitching:

create play

And my personal favourites inspired by the Zen proverb “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself“:

sit quietly 1sit quietly 2sit quietly 3

The swap is a fabulous way to try out some new ideas on a small scale, as well as a way of ensuring you get something other than bills in the mail. Lovely 🙂

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