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Prompt60 #3 Green

prompt 60 #3 full spread

prompt 60 #3 lhs

prompt 60 #3 rhs

This journal page is my response to Daisy Yellow’s Prompt60 #3, which was about creating a collage around the colour of green and baring in mind the principles of book page design. You can read the full information about the prompt here.

I enjoyed pulling together lots of green ephemera. In fact, I discovered that a large proportion of bits and pieces that I had saved in my collage box were green, so I guess I am drawn to the colour. The chap on the right hand page is Milarepa, an ancient Tibetan yogi and poet. He is sometimes referred to as the “Green Yogi” as it is told that, after subsisting on a diet of nothing but nettles, his skin turned green “and even the hairs on his head became bristly and green.”

After making the collage, the prompt suggested journalling some words in the margins. I feel my words may owe some explanation! I am reading Norman Fischer’s “Training in Compassion: Zen Teachings on the Practice of Lojong“. Lojong is a Tibetan Buddhist practice, training in generating compassion and wisdom with the help of short slogans. The first slogan is “Train in the Preliminaries”. Fischer suggests this can be interpreted in three main ways:

1. Recognising that regardless of what has happened in your life and why, it is your life and you are the only one equipped to deal with it.
2. Practice meditation. Daily if possible!
3. Follow the traditional set of reflections – I have written these around the edges of the right hand page. (The rarity and preciousness of human life; the absolute inevitability of death; the awesome and indelible power of our actions; the incapability of suffering)

One of the questions he suggests asking of yourself has really struck me and that is “Am I a force for good in the world?” and this I have written in the bottom right hand corner.

I hope this goes some way to explaining the possibly slightly unusual (and some might consider, morbid) phrases in my journal page!

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Loads of Index Cards!

I’ve got a bit behind posting about the ICAD Challenge, but I have been continuing with it! Most of my cards have consisted of either collages or doodley types of things. Here’s some collaged cards:

icad #31 - vicad #28 - v
icad #29 - v

(the quotes are from the tags on my herbal teabags – I knew I would find a use for them someday 🙂 )

And here’s some doodley ones:

icad #26 - v
icad #27 - v
icad #33 - v
icad #32 - v

Hmm…I think I am getting a ‘thing’ for circles!

The challenge continues, and I am enjoying my short bursts of creativity.

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Finding Words and Shells

I’ve ditched the animal/human collage for a few cards and gone back to some found word poetry from the old back care manual. As you can see, it veers from flippant to quite depressing!

icad #20 - v

icad #21 - v

We have a family tradition of visiting the beach to watch the sunset on the Summer Solstice. For today’s index card I drew a few of the shells we collected. I’m not terribly pleased with how the drawings turned out (especially the one that looks more like a slug than a shell!), but at least it’s a nice reminder for me 🙂

icad #22 - v

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More Silliness

I will start being sensible again soon. I promise.

icad #19 - v

icad #18 - v

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Surreal fun!

I have taken a leaf out of my blog friend Andria’s book for these cards. Animal heads on human bodies. What silly fun!

icad #16 - v
icad #15 - v
icad #17 - v

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Found Words – Conflicting Messages

For my latest couple of index cards, I made some backgrounds then clipped phrases from a 1975 Which? guide “Avoiding Back Trouble”.

As you can see, the messages are kind of conflicting 🙂

icad #13 - v (2)

icad #13 - v (1)

I would like to live my life in accordance with the first principle. In reality, my natural inclination is more towards the second! Ah well, it’s a work-in-progress!

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How much is enough?

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a teaching given by Theravadan Buddhist monk, Ajahn Jayasaro. One of things he said that has been running through my head today was the importance of asking the question “how much is enough?” Sometimes it is hard to swim against the stream of “as much as possible!”

So, today I have been reflecting on this question, and my index card reflects this:

icad #3 - v

How much food is enough?
How much exercise is enough?
How much rest is enough?
How much social media is enough?
How much reading is enough?
How much talking is enough?
How much tea is enough?

How much is enough?

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And it begins

ICAD 2014 #1

icad #1 - v

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Drawing with Scissors

This month, we have been studying the life and work of Henri Matisse, and today we have had a go at some Matisse inspired collage – or “drawing with scissors”. From top to bottom (mine, Gman’s & Waif’s – RJAM are Waif’s initials, in case you were wondering, and that’s him doing some disco dancing ;-))

matisse style

matisse style

matisse style

These are certainly going to brighten the place up!

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More Postcards

So, I made a couple more postcards, experimenting with wet on wet watercolour and salt. I think I may have left the salt granules too long, because rather than just making a pretty effect on the paint, they have actually adhered to the card. I quite like the textural result though, so hey-ho.

to choose is also to begin
live in the moment

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