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Kids Art Week Lesson One: Picasso Dogs

A few weeks back, I mentioned that we had signed up for Carla Sonheim’s free Kids Art Week class. Yesterday, we did the first lesson: Picasso Dogs. We had such fun with this that Waif (10) and I made two “dogs” each 🙂

Here are Waif’s two creatures:

picasso dog #1 Rafe1

picasso dog #2 Rafe

And here are mine:

picasso dog #2 Viv

picasso dog #1 Viv

We can’t wait for the next lesson!

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There’s much fun to be had with scissors, Sharpies and a glossy magazine.

defaced collage

Keep taking the tablets.

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I Love My Square Sketchbook!

I’m a bit in between major creative projects at the moment. But that’s ok, cos I have been having fun just playing, without an agenda or a goal in mind. I recently bought a six inch square sketchbook and I love it!

I have experimented with cut out triangles:

fun with triangles

Fractured bunting?

fun with triangles again

Rectangles can be fun too:

rectangles are fun too

This week I checked out “20 Ways to Draw a Tree” from the library and I have been enjoying making pages of drawings inspired by it.

Fungi and acorns:

fun with fungi and acorns

Snails and caterpillars:

fun with snails and caterpillars

Making time to play is important to me. How about you?

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Fishy Fun

It’s been a while since me and the boys did a painted project together. But we all love fishies, so when I saw Harmony Art Mom’s post on Paul Klee-inspired fish art, I roped the boys in to join me in having a go at it.

First of all, we wrote some fishy words with wax crayons. Gman went for an excerpt from an Edward Lear verse:

corpulent carp

Waif went for some bedtime fishy phrases. These are a bit of a tradition in our house. I have no idea why! We say “Night night. Cod bless. Sweet breams. Haddock good night’s sleep. See you in the prawning”. Just like all normal families :-). Suggestions for fishy related night time puns are always welcome btw.

cod bless

My choice was a tribute to my wonderful and much loved late granddad, who used to sing to us kids. “You shall have a fishy on a little dishy” was a perennial favourite.

fishy dishy

For the benefit of those of you who may not have had a singing Geordie grandfather, here’s the song. Take careful note of the proper pronunciation of boat 😉

After writing our words, we added a watercolour wash in dark colours. While that was drying, we got out the Sharpies to create some fishies:

waif creates fishgman creates fish

And finally, we stuck the fishies in plaice (boom boom)

corpulent carp finishcod bless finishfishy dishy finish

Altogether now: you shall have a fishy on a little dishy, you shall have a fishy when the boat comes in.

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