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Happy Birthday Blog!

happy birthday LGNC black

Another birthday! This time, not mine, but this blog’s. Yep, it’s a year today since I started blogging here at Live.Grow.Nourish.Create.

I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging – to stick to one topic – and have rambled away randomly, from drawing to menstruation; from sewing to climate change; from reading to nutrition. Ah, well, someone must be reading, because I seem to have amassed over 200 followers, 14,000 page views and 1,300 comments. And even better, I have made some lovely blogging friends along the way :-).

Thank you to all who contributed to making blogging a fun and enriching experience this year. Here’s to the next one!

ps/ the font I used to write the birthday message is from The Scrapbooker’s Handwriting Workshop and is somewhat fittingly called “misfit”. Just thought you should know 😉

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World Kindness Day!

Today is World Kindness Day. I thought this would be a great opportunity for the boys to think about being kind, the benefits of being kind, and ways they could be more kind. After a lengthy chat, and an extensive mooch around the Random Acts of Kindness website, the boys made their own “Be Kind” posters.

Gman (12) typed up and formatted his poster:

National Kindness Day UK Poster

And Waif (7) wrote his in his favourite coloured pens:

National Kindness Day UK Poster

Next step: to practice these acts of kindness more often!

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Days 14 & 15: Sometimes it doesn’t go so well

30 Days of Get Your Ar On

Over the last couple of days I have added some bits and pieces to my latest journal spread. First, paint and collage materials; then today, I added some stamps.

soar stamped

I’m not too please with how the stamping went. Some of them are very blurry & splodgy. I thought my ink should have been ok on painted surfaces, and some of the stamps came out ok, like this one:

clear stamp

And others were a blurry mess, like this one:

blurry stamps

I’m not sure what the difference is attributable to!

I did read on the back of the ink pad that it is “ideal for glossy or coated papers”. So maybe not so good for matt, porous, painted papers! But this doesn’t explain why it was ok on other parts of the page.

I think I might abandon this spread for now. I am slowly realising that the pages in this book are just too big for me to comfortably work with, at least when trying to develop a double page spread. I may try it for single page spreads, or move into a smaller journal for now. It’s just not really doing it for me!

So, yeah – art – sometimes it doesn’t go so well 😉

On a more positive note, I was thrilled to receive a little package in the mail from the lovely Andria of Drawing Near:

from andria

Check out those super-sweet little matchbook notepads! Andria is actually having a giveaway on her blog this week, so why not hop on over and enter to win some fabulous prizes!

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Quilts, Mums & Sisters

Did I ever tell you what a star my mum is? Machine quilting is not really my thing – call it a combination of back troubles, limited space, and erm…just lack of love for it. My mum, on the other hand, is an ace at machine quilting, and even enjoys it. So I was overjoyed when she offered to quilt and bind the pink quilt I have been making for a friend’s little girl. I’ve been waiting for a sunny day to get a picture of it, and here it is:

pink quilt on the line

I will admit I didn’t really enjoy making this quilt as much as previous ones. It’s just a bit too conventional. And a bit too pink. But I think the recipient will love it, and that’s the main thing, right?

Moving on from my mum to my sister, H. H does stuff like sending a bundle of quilting fabrics over from the US (where she lives) just because she happens to be passing the Stitching Post :-). A bundle she recently sent included a fabulous map panel “What a World” by Jill McDonald. I have made it into a quilt sandwich and am having fun hand quilting with perle cottons:

what a world in progress

I’m even using different embroidery stitches to quilt, like this buttonhole stitch:

buttonhole mask

and herringbone:

herringbone boat

straight stitches:

russian federation

And – look! – there’s even a little Buddha on there:

even a buddha

What a World indeed!

what a world

And what a mum! And what a sister!

I am very lucky to have such wonderful family members 🙂

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Say it with flowers

A criticism often levelled at those of us who blog about our experiences with home education is that we only ever portray the positives – it’s a shiny, happy version of the reality of home education. I think I may be guilty of that. Home education is still relatively rare in the UK, and many people don’t understand why we would make that choice for our children. Reactions can vary from puzzlement to downright hostility. So we may feel a pressure to emphasise the positives and downplay the negatives. Usually when I write about our home educating experiences, it is the good things – the moments of creativity, clarity, wonder. The happiness we share together as a family. But in the interests of balance, I should say that some days can be boring, frustrating, demoralising. Some days I think “AAAAAAAARRRGHHHHH! Why on earth am I doing this?!?!” I think it would be fair to say that Wednesday of this week was one such day. I took the boys to an art exhibition, thinking they would be inspired but they shuffled their feet and looked bored. I thought we would spend some relaxing time in the garden, watching birds or sketching flowers, but the boys preferred to fight with sticks and scream at the top their lungs. It was just “one of those days”, and I was glad to be off on a rare evening out with girlfriends. So I was especially humbled and touched to come home and find these pictures from the boys waiting for me:

Welcome Back Mum (Rafe)Welcome Back Mum (George)

Aren’t they lovely? And it helped me to remember that, even on the bad days, I am blessed and grateful to have two such wonderful, creative and thoughtful sons, and I am very lucky and honoured to be able to spend time with them, helping them to learn and grow. It’s not an easy ride, but it is definitely worthwhile for moments like this.

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What’s your joy?

Sometimes I need to remind myself.

joy 1joy 2

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