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Ever since I read Barbara Kingsolver’s great novel “Lacuna” last year, I have been fascinated with Frida Kahlo. So when I saw instructions on how to draw her over at Art Projects for Kids, I thought I would give it a go for today’s index card, using Sharpies rather than oil pastels. I think my version is maybe a little too pretty-pretty for the real Frida though!

icad #36 - v

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Stars and Cards and Science

I made a couple more star blocks. I don’t feel inspired enough by them to make a whole quilt, so I have decided to make a table runner. Here they are sewn together ready to quilt (with apologies for the wonky photo!):

stars sewn together

Now all I have to do is decide how to quilt them…

Meanwhile, we have continued with the ICAD challenge though I haven’t exactly been brimming over with ideas!

icad #34 - vicad #35 - v

The boys are showing signs of being chemistry crazy with their latest cards:

icad #25 - gicad #29 - g

Waif has been especially getting in to his study of the elements, and has produced a fabulous lapbook to display what he has learned:

Inside elements lapbook

I am heartened that the boys are enjoying learning about science as I think I was totally put off it by the way we studied it at school and have only started to take an interest again in recent years. There’s so much to learn, and so many amazing websites, videos and (shock! horror!) even BOOKS to help us do it 🙂

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Loads of Index Cards!

I’ve got a bit behind posting about the ICAD Challenge, but I have been continuing with it! Most of my cards have consisted of either collages or doodley types of things. Here’s some collaged cards:

icad #31 - vicad #28 - v
icad #29 - v

(the quotes are from the tags on my herbal teabags – I knew I would find a use for them someday 🙂 )

And here’s some doodley ones:

icad #26 - v
icad #27 - v
icad #33 - v
icad #32 - v

Hmm…I think I am getting a ‘thing’ for circles!

The challenge continues, and I am enjoying my short bursts of creativity.

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The Wisdom of Children

After Gman’s surprising ICAD, here is nine-year-old Waif’s nugget of wisdom (although he may have been aiming for something more spooky than wise ;-))

icad #26 - r

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Teenagers – Full of Surprises!

I was blown away by this index card created by my 14 year old muscle-bound, rap-loving, cool-as-a-cucumber son, Gman:

icad #23 - g

Waddya know?!

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Sharpie Emergency

Oh no! All the black Sharpies have run out! Time for a new medium perhaps?

Here’s my latest three ICADS. I have got a little behind, but it’s not insurmountable.

icad #23 - v
icad #24 - v
icad #25 - v

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Finding Words and Shells

I’ve ditched the animal/human collage for a few cards and gone back to some found word poetry from the old back care manual. As you can see, it veers from flippant to quite depressing!

icad #20 - v

icad #21 - v

We have a family tradition of visiting the beach to watch the sunset on the Summer Solstice. For today’s index card I drew a few of the shells we collected. I’m not terribly pleased with how the drawings turned out (especially the one that looks more like a slug than a shell!), but at least it’s a nice reminder for me 🙂

icad #22 - v

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More Silliness

I will start being sensible again soon. I promise.

icad #19 - v

icad #18 - v

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Surreal fun!

I have taken a leaf out of my blog friend Andria’s book for these cards. Animal heads on human bodies. What silly fun!

icad #16 - v
icad #15 - v
icad #17 - v

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Play the Ball Where the Monkey Drops It

icad #14 - v

This card was inspired by a story I heard told by Buddhist teacher Tara Brach. You can read it on Huffington Post here, but the moral of the story can be summed up in Tara’s words:

It doesn’t matter what is happening. What matters is how we respond. How we respond is what determines our happiness and peace of mind.

Hopefully, the card will act as a reminder to me.

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