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Not Back to School in January

Today is the first day back at school for those kids that go. For those that are home educated, things can be different. Today Rafe has:

Completed a periodic table jigsaw puzzle that he got for Christmas:


Although I wonder if I should ask for my money back in light of the news that four new elements have officially been added to the periodic table this week?!

He has thoroughly beaten his mama at a game of Countdown (another Christmas present). In this round, Rafe got a 9 letter word while I only managed “TOAST”!


And written out this postcard ready to send to Anja in Germany, thanks to our participation in Postcrossing:


Next stop: lunchtime.

Happy days!

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Piecing the Puzzle

pieces together (1)pieces together (2)

I can finally reveal the Top Secret stitching project I have been working on.

Today, on World Hunger Day, the Craftivist Collective are launching their latest project – the Craftivist Jigsaw Project #imapiece. To get the low down on the project, please hop on over to the Craftivist Collective and read the launch post. Or you could watch this video:

I made several pieces in advance of the launch (pictured above). But I also saved this one back to hang in my living room:

puzzle in place

And this one to send to my MP:

imapiece (6)

The Craftivist Collective are asking people to make three pieces:

One of the pieces will go towards creating an art installation to raise awareness that we all have a role to play and show that the craft community wants the Government to use its power and influence as host of the 2013 G8 to tackle injustice.

The second piece is for you to keep as a reminder to be part of the solution, especially when we feel overwhelmed and helpless. We can all do our bit in so many ways – from buying local and reducing our carbon footprint, to raising awareness and talking to MPs about important issues like food price spikes and biofuels. Which leads on to the third puzzle piece, which you can stitch with the words “I’m a piece” and give to your MP to ask them to be the positive change they wish to see in the world.

I hope as many of my crafty blog friends in the UK will participate in this project. Let’s piece together to find solutions to World Hunger!

For those who aren’t craftily inclined, but want to do something – please consider signing Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger petition.

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Flying and Bouncing: Days Ten & Eleven

Continuing with 30 Days of Get Your Art On challenge, I have added a little more to my latest art journal spread. The bird image is from here, and I coloured it with Inktense pencils. The words “Had I but wings like thine, Free bird of flight, To scale the heights that only wings can reach” are from a poem by Martha Lavinia Hoffman which you can read here.

had i but wings like thine

I have also been doing some more drawing, joining the boys in this week’s Sketch Tuesday challenge, which was to sketch something that bounces:


And I have been working a bit more on a stitching project that I will tell you all about next week. Here’s a little teaser:

imapiece (5)

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Ooh la la!

Ooh la la! Look what the postman delivered:

tallulah papers

It’s a wonderful selection of vintage French papers and ephemera sent to me by the rather lovely and wonderful Hoola Tallulah. I must admit to being a bit of a Francophile – I love the language, the landscape, the food, the stationery…and the first boy I ever kissed was French (as was the second, and third – English boys seemed so crass and boring in comparison ;-)) – so this selection is especially thrilling for me. I consider myself to be a very lucky girl.

Continuing with the 30 Days of Get Your Art On challenge, I have done a little more sketching in a few snatched minutes on a home educators museum outing today:

museum sketches

I have also been using my creative energies on a top secret stitching project:

piece of the puzzle

Puzzled? You will have to wait until after 16th October, when all will be revealed 😉 – so stay tuned!

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