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Hexagon Update

Time for an update on my hexagon quilt! 16 rings completed, who knows how many more to go! It’s getting a bit big for a flat shot, and luckily is big enough for me to hide behind:

15 rounds v 1
15 rounds v 2

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Fourteen Times Around the Stars

fourteen rings of hexagons

That’s 547 hexagons sewn together. Approximately 33000 stitches hold them together. About 45 hours work so far, by my reckoning. Patience, patience.

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See how it grows…

lamp and hexies august 2012hexies august 2012hexies from the middle august 2012

Slowly, steadily, but surely.

(for the history of this quilt, read here)

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hexies 13 rings colour

469.  That’s how many hexagons I’ve sewn together for this quilt.  Phew.

hexies 13 rings flat shot

I love the soothing, meditative, repetitive nature of making this quilt.  I feel a connection to women from the past, ancestors.  So it’s only fitting that I should photograph it in sepia tones I think 🙂

hexies 13 rings sepia

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Twelve Rings of Hexagons!

Phew, I have completed another “round” of hexagons on my English paper pieced charm quilt.    It’s too big to photograph indoors now, so I took it outside and pegged on the line to take the pictures.  It was a bit blowy, so didn’t get a full flat shot, but think you can get the idea 😉

hexies 12 rings (1)hexies 12 rings (2)hexies 12 rings (3)hexies 12 rings (4)

I love how this quilt is evolving. For those new to this blog here’s how it has progressed:

August 2010:
hexagons with five rings

September 2010:
hexagon with six rings

October 2010:
hexies on the garden chair

July 2011:
8 rings of hexies

August 2011:
showing off my hexies in the evening light

September 2011:
10 rings of hexies

November 2011:
hexies progress nov 2011

As you can tell from the dates, I haven’t worked consistently on this, but have stuck at it. It’s certainly not fast sewing, but I find it relaxing and therapeutic, and I love seeing how it slowly evolves and changes with each ring of hexagons. Next round will be very dark fabrics. But don’t expect it any day soon 😉

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