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Figures of Fun

Have you been watching The Big Painting Challenge? This week the artists were concentrating on painting the human form. Ten year old Waif was inspired to get out his artist’s mannequin and begin sketching:


I thought it looked like fun so I had a go too:


Next step, to try some real life figures I suppose!

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Down on the Farm

This week’s theme for Sketch Tuesday was “farm”. If I had a farm, I would definitely keep goats. They are much more interesting than cows or pigs. And well, I do like a bit of goat’s cheese on my salad 🙂

farm - v

Waif thinks a tractor would be a fine addition to the farm:

farm - r

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This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment – to draw something orange. Like Mr Crabby, the bath toy:

orange - v

Or a Lynx bottle (yes, there is a teenage boy in the household ;-)) and a Vitamin C container:

orange - r

And to update those that asked, Gman is getting on fine at school so far…he’s especially enjoying Geography, Maths and PE lessons 🙂

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I enjoy drawing everyday objects. Maybe it’s because, until you come to draw something, you don’t really see it? So, this week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was right up my street. I’m pretty sure the boys enjoyed it too. They certainly took great care with their drawings.

tool - viv

tool - rafe

tool - g

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Feeling Fruity

More fruit! This time, a persimmon. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted one. Have you?


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Oranges, Apples and Bananas Are Not the Only Fruit

This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw some unusual fruit.

I drew a physalis. I think these are so pretty with their firm golden fruit and pretty papery outer layer. The trouble is, I think they taste horrid – like perfume. Such a shame!


Waif scoured the internet for pictures of various different fruits and drew a selection:

unusual fruit - rafe

And Gman opened up his much loved Masterchef Kitchen Bible and drew from some of the pictures in there:

weird fruit - g

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Seeing Red

The last week or two in our house has been a blur of blankies, honey & lemon, and daytime TV as one by one, we all succumbed to a particularly horrid flu type virus.

Finally, this weekend, we managed a short creative drawing session as we tackled the Sketch Tuesday assignment “draw something red”.

Here’s my shiny red shoes (a £3 charity shop bargain from last year!)

red-  viv

Waif drew a tin of smoked paprika:

red- rafe

And Gman drew some tomatoes:

red-  geo

Here’s hoping we are back to full health and creative powers by the end of this week!!

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Sinking and Swimming

By way of explanation for my prolonged absence, I offer you this drawing:

pair - v

Yes, it’s a pair of flippers. What more do you need to know?!

I’ve been struggling to keep afloat at the moment. Gman has been accepted onto the swimming team, and now has four training sessions a week. This means I have a new additional role as chauffeur, cheerleader and launderer of swimming kits, which has impacted somewhat on my available creativity time. I’m sure when we get in a routine with it, all will be well again but in the meantime, blogging is on the back burner somewhat. Don’t get me wrong though, I am proud and thrilled that G is doing so well, especially as I am a non-swimmer and so is my husband. It certainly lends weight to the argument that ability has more to do with practice and effort than genetic ability 🙂

This drawing was actually for the Sketch Tuesday assignment “draw a pair of something” so the boys joined in too. Here’s Gman’s pair of sunglasses:

pair - g

And Waif couldn’t decide on one pair, so we have a pair of headphones, a pair of gloves, a pair of glasses, a pair of scissors and a pair of tongs!

pair - r

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Ter-wit Ter-woo

I drew an owl.

He looks a little mysterious.

Or maybe just confused.

Perhaps it’s the same thing anyway.


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A Few Drawings

Just a few little drawings I have done lately…enjoying this rediscovery of my sketchbook and remembering that anything can be worthy of drawing!

travel mugmushroom ornamentlittle pumpkins

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