Drawing with Scissors

This month, we have been studying the life and work of Henri Matisse, and today we have had a go at some Matisse inspired collage – or “drawing with scissors”. From top to bottom (mine, Gman’s & Waif’s – RJAM are Waif’s initials, in case you were wondering, and that’s him doing some disco dancing ;-))

matisse style

matisse style

matisse style

These are certainly going to brighten the place up!

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Grids, Circles and Sharpies

I’ve been having more fun experimenting with warm/cool colour contrast with the use of grids, circles and sharpies. I think this may be getting addictive :-)

warm cool grids and circles 3
warm cool grids and circles 2
warm cool grids and circles 1

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I Love Pinterest (and my husband)

It would be something of an understatement to say I’m not the romantic type. Romcoms make me nauseous; I find fairytale weddings about as appealing as dental surgery and I am not impressed by precious jewellery (I rarely wear jewellery but when I do, it’s usually made from buttons :-) ). It’s a wonder I ever got married! But I did (though our wedding was not the fairytale type – no church, no flowers, no bridesmaids, no photographers, as few guests as we could get away with…) and that was 15 years ago today. We don’t make a big deal of these milestones, but I do like to make a card, and I was kind of stuck for appropriate ideas. And that’s where Pinterest came to the rescue. I love Pinterest! I had this warm/cool colour art project pinned to my homeschool art ideas board, but I thought it was just the job:


I like how it turned out. And it was very relaxing, almost therapeutic, to make.

By the way, if you are a Pinterester and you’d like to follow my boards, you can find me here: http://www.pinterest.com/vivjm/

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Cleaning Time

This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw something you use to clean your house with. Cleaning is not high up on the agenda in our house but we did manage to find something to sketch :-)

cleaning - v

cleaning - r

cleaning - g

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More Postcards

So, I made a couple more postcards, experimenting with wet on wet watercolour and salt. I think I may have left the salt granules too long, because rather than just making a pretty effect on the paint, they have actually adhered to the card. I quite like the textural result though, so hey-ho.

to choose is also to begin
live in the moment

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Is it spring yet?

A spare 15 minutes this sunny Sunday and I was out in the garden sketching what I could see.

is it spring

Yes, we do have a dinosaur in our garden. Doesn’t everyone?

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Catch a Dream

Another watercolour postcard. This time a doodled dreamcatcher. I have very vivid dreams, but rarely remember them past breakfast time, so maybe I need a dreamcatcher?


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We Will Take a Spaceship Trip

Inspired by Tammy’s watercolour planets (check out her tutorial here) I have been making watercolour postcards. I made the backgrounds then doodled one and collaged the other two. They were such fun to make :-). I am planning to make 2014 the year of sending stuff through the mail to people I like (IRL and online), so I’m going to make a bunch more. I like the size and format for experimenting too.


yellow planets

marvels and mysteries

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The Maybe Islands are Hostile to Human Life

I’ve got Jenny Doh’s Creative Lettering book out of the library at the moment and it has been inspiring me to play with letters. I made this postcard, quoting from the book I am currently reading – Jeanette Winterson’s “The Stone Gods” (highly recommended – the most poetically beautiful scifi novel I have ever read):

maybe islands postcard

The truth is that I’ve spent all my life with my binoculars trained on the Maybe Islands, a pristine place of fantasy that is really no better than the razor rocks of misery [...] Maybe, baby, that promised land was there and I missed it. Look at it glittering in the light. But the truth is that I am inventing the maybe. I can only make the choices I make. So why torture myself with what I might have done, when all I can handle is what I have done? The Maybe Islands are hostile to human life.

I think I have spent too much of my life with my binoculars trained on Maybe Islands. Time to set my sights elsewhere.

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Lemon, Lime and a Lovely Lizard

This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw something beginning with L.

I drew a lemon and a lime:

beginning with l - v

Gman prefers his limes turned into (blow your head off hot) lime pickle:

beginning with l - g

And Waif eschewed food altogether and drew this lovely lizard:

beginning with l - r

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