Bouncing Back to (Not) School

It’s back to school for school kids and not back to school for home educated ones. What better way to bounce back into learning than with Sketch Tuesday? The first assignment of the new school year was to “sketch something that bounces“. Cue an education in 1970s TV programmes, and a drawing of Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout.

Here’s mine:

bounce - v

And here’s Rafe’s (if he is going to keep writing his real name on his drawings, it seems a bit pointless to carry on with the Waif pseudonym!!)

bounce - r

Don’t worry, we have also covered geography, with a game of City Country World :-) which, needless to say, Rafe won!


And this afternoon it’s down to the local swimming pool! Who needs school?

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Adding Some Orange to the Mix

Two more stars for the Monday Morning Star Count this week:

Hexagon star #12<

Hexagon star #13<

Bringing the grand total to 13. It’s slowly growing!

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Modigliani Style Portraits

Here’s another of our Kids Art Week assignments. Portraits in the style of Modigliani (instructions here)

I did a self portait:

modigliani mama<
Even my husband had a go at this assignment. Here's his portrait of an unknown person:

modigliani dada<

But surpassing both of our efforts, is Rafe's slightly terrifying but eerily spot on portrait of Eminem. Check out those eyes!!

modigliani eminem<

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Where’s the seam ripper when you need it?

Sewing on the go is fun.

Always carry a seam ripper

Today’s experience, however, has taught me that it’s always a good idea to keep a seam ripper in your sewing kit! Ah well, at least there was the coffee to enjoy.

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Two More Stars

I have two more stars to add to my Monday Morning Star Count this week:

Hexagon star #8

Hexagon star #9

That brings the total up to nine. I have no idea how many I will need, or what they will become but I’ll carry on until I’m fed up with them!!

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Monday Morning Star Count

I have made three more hexagon stars this week:

Hexagon star 5

Hexagon star 6

Hexagon star 7

Which brings the total number to seven:

Hexagon stars progress

Now that I have more of a mixture of values and colours, I’m not so sure if I will need any neutral hexagons or triangles to break it up after all. I am liking the way they play together now :-)

Fickle, aren’t I?!

Linking up to Monday Morning Star Count over at Life Under Quilts.

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In Praise of Hand Stitching

As mother to a sociable and sports-mad ten year old son, I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time at the local sports centre, waiting for him to finish various activities. Today was dodgeball for Waif, and coffee, Kindle & stitching time for mama:

Everything I need to while away an hour or two, waiting for my boy!

Life ain’t so bad :-)

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Crazy stars

I’ve only sewn one more star, but I have turned all four stars into hexagons with the addition of background diamonds: hexagon star 1 hexagon star 2 hexagon star 3 hexagon star 4

I love each of these star-in-a-hexagon blocks. Together, though, I’m not so sure.

first four hexagon stars

Are they going to be just toooo crazy?  I feel they might need spacing with something easier on the eye.  I think the options are:

1. Intersperse with neutral coloured shapes eg hexagons or triangles

2. Make the stars as I am doing but do half with neutral (white or pale pink?) or contrasting (dark red?) background pieces

3. Applique the hexagon stars onto neutral or contrasting background squares.

I am inclined to go with the first option, but not sure which shape would be best.  The hexagons would have four inch sides, but that’s a lot bigger than I’ve previously pieced with English  paper piecing.  I don’t know if size is an issue or not!  Otherwise, it would be equilateral triangles but I’m a bit worried about the bias edges…Your thoughts would be appreciated, dear reader :-)

Once again, I am linking up with Life Under Quilts‘ Monday Morning Star Count.

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Kids Art Week Lesson Two: Night Skies

Today we did the second lesson of Kids Art Week, which was to make these fun night sky paintings, using crayons as a wax resist.

I think there was a hurricane going on in Waif’s night sky:


Mine is a bit more dreamy:


We haven’t been doing as much art lately, and I think taking part in this workshop has made us both realise how much we have missed it. Here’s to including more art in our home education schedule!

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