Listen to the Ear(th)?

The assignment: to draw something beginning with the letter “E”.

I like how the scale is from one extreme to another.

I also like how we could make the metaphor “listen to the earth”…

Here’s my drawing of an ear:

beginning with e - v

And Waif’s drawing of the Earth:

beginning with e - r

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Foolish Houses?

I love this whimsical little drawing by Waif (10). Though perhaps we need to revisit the teaching re wise men and foolish men’s house building habits?

whimsical scene by Waif (10)

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Down on the Farm

This week’s theme for Sketch Tuesday was “farm”. If I had a farm, I would definitely keep goats. They are much more interesting than cows or pigs. And well, I do like a bit of goat’s cheese on my salad :-)

farm - v

Waif thinks a tractor would be a fine addition to the farm:

farm - r

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And Sewing Too…

Slowly, slowly, slowly, my creative mojo returns.

I made this cushion cover using some lovely batiks my sister bought me last year, and my favourite “liberated log cabin” technique. In fact, I was so liberated that I didn’t even rotary cut the strips, I just tore them! Quite cathartic and slightly terrifying.

batik cushion

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Care to Join Us?

It’s been…[cough]…a while since I posted here. I’m not sure if I will have any readers left. But if you are here, perhaps you would care to join me for a nice cup of tea?

drink - v

Or maybe you’d prefer a hot chocolate? With marshmallows, no less.

drink - r

Yes, this week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw something you drink. How did you guess?

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This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment – to draw something orange. Like Mr Crabby, the bath toy:

orange - v

Or a Lynx bottle (yes, there is a teenage boy in the household ;-)) and a Vitamin C container:

orange - r

And to update those that asked, Gman is getting on fine at school so far…he’s especially enjoying Geography, Maths and PE lessons :-)

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This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw something with batteries. Having been woken in the night by the smoke alarm battery-low warning beep, this seemed the obvious choice for me:

batteries - v

Waif likes drawing things with lots of buttons so he went with a remote control:

batteries - r

Observant readers might notice that there is no sketch from Gman this week. That’s because of this:


Yep, after six years of home education, Gman has chosen to return to school. Six years ago, I thought that taking Gman out of school was one of the most terrifying things I had ever done. Six years later, I feel as though sending him back to school is one of the most terrifying things I have ever done! It’s funny how things go. For the last week, I have had a David Bowie earworm: ch-ch-ch-changes. I think it’s only fair to inflict it on share it with you:

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Kitchen Drawers

This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment: to sketch something from a kitchen drawer.

Waif drew a corkscrew:

kitchen drawer- r

Gman drew a cheese knife:

kitchen drawer- g

And I went with a pizza wheel:

kitchen drawer- v

Hmmm. This selection doesn’t give the best impression of the family diet. Pizza and wine, anyone?

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Hooray! Sketch Tuesday is back! The first assignment for this academic year is to sketch something with whiskers. When I opened my sketchbook I was shocked to see that my last sketch was in March this year. Can it really be six months since I did some drawing? How on earth did that happen?! Anyway, considering my lack of recent practice, I wasn’t displeased with my common seal:

whiskers - v

Waif had fun drawing a variety of whiskered creatures:

whiskers - r

And Gman drew a slightly terrifying looking wood mouse:

whiskers - g

I think as autumn draws in, we’ll be spending more time around the table together sketching. I hope so, anyway.

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Who’da thunk it?

cucumber cake

This, dear readers, is a cake. Made with cucumber. Yes, cucumber! And it was really rather tasty, with a texture something like a steamed pudding. Yum yum.

Having been given several home grown cucumbers by various friends and family members, I started looking for new and interesting ways to eat them. I ended up at, which is a website dedicated to cake and dessert recipes including vegetables. There were a few cucumber recipes to choose from, but we decided to go with the Cucumber and Lemon Cake with Elderflower Icing. My version is considerably less green than the picture on the website because the skins on my home grown English cucumbers were super prickly so I peeled them. If (like us) you are adapting the recipe to use gluten free flour, then be sure to add a couple of tablespoons of milk or non-dairy milk to the recipe, which you can find here:

I’m looking forward to trying out more vegetable-containing cakes and puds :-)

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