(Slow) Progress Report

Well, I managed to finish the star I started last week, once I got under my decent lamp!:

Hexagon star number 24

And I just need to add background pieces to this star, dancing in the autumnal sunshine:

Dancing star

Total completed hexagon stars now stands at 24. I think I’m going to shoot for 40 and take it from there.

Although progress has been slow on my stars, I have made a bunch of hexagon needle books using this tutorial. They are slightly addictive to make – so if you are on my Christmas list and you’ve ever so much as picked up a needle and thread, LOOK OUT!

Hexagon needle cases

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching and Monday Morning Star Count over at Life Under Quilts.

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Exploring the World with Postcrossing

At a recent home ed gathering, one of the girls was showing us her lovely album full of postcards from all over the world. She had received these by signing up to Postcrossing. Have you heard of it? The basic idea is that you send postcards to random people all over the world and, in return, you receive postcards from random people all over the world. Yes, real, actual postcards in the mail! Both Rafe and I signed up, created our profiles and sent off postcards – to Russia, Germany, the USA, Japan and Taiwan. Rafe has now received back his first postcard. His profile mentions that he likes both cute animal pictures and music so this one, from a Postcrosser in Helsinki, seemed very appropriate:


I think being involved in Postcrossing will be a great enhancement to our home education learning. First, it will encourage Rafe to do some more writing! Second, it will be a great opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures. And third, it will be fun – a much underrated component of learning :-)

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A Solitary Star

I have just a single, solitary star to add to my tally this week:

Hexagon star number 23

I had planned on finishing a second star while Rafe was at his Sunday evening swimming training. I had everything at the ready:

Everything I need

Unfortunately, as it started to get dark about 6pm I realised that the light in the place I was sitting was absolutely rubbish! So, poor light stopped play:

Bad light stops play

Next week, I will try and find a brighter spot to sit!!

I am linking up to Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching, which I have just found out about via fellow EPP-er sewhappyquilting (a day late, I know, but now I’ve found out about it I can be on time next week!)

Also linking to the Monday Morning Star Count at Life Under Quilts.

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This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw something that hides. Rafe will use any excuse he can to draw something cute, hence this bunny:

hiding - r

Me – not so much! I drew a Pill Woodlouse which, according to my Collins Complete British Wildlife is “easily recognised by its ability to roll into a ball when disturbed”. This is exactly how I feel some days ;-)

hiding - v

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Two Months In

I see from my diary that it is two months since I started my hexagon stars quilt. Here are the two stars I made this week:

Hexagon star number 21

Hexagon star number 22

And here’s a shot showing all 22 stars, albeit in terrible light and on my teenage son’s unvacuumed carpet!! This is not my planned layout but does give an idea of how the stars play together. I can see that I need more with pink backgrounds to balance out all the yellow, for example.

22 stars so far

I’m still on the lookout for the perfect black/white print for my setting triangles but am not having much luck so far.

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Something that grows

This week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw something that grows. Rafe quickly figured out that this meant any living creature and chose to draw two of the cutest:

grows - r

I plumped on a drawing of my favourite vegetable, the much maligned beta vulgaris var. crassa – or beetroot as it is more usually known :-)

grows - v

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Two more stars this week brings the grand total up to 20!

Hexagon star number 19

Hexagon star number 20<

Why not hop on over to Life Under Quilts and see how other EPPers are getting on with their projects?

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A Two Star Week

Production has slowed a little this week – just two more stars, making the total up to 18.

Hexagon star number 17

Hexagon star number 18

This last star is my favourite fabric combination yet – though I’m sure it will look better once I’ve actually pressed it. I was just making the most of the rare glimmer of sunshine to take its photo!!

I am linking up with the Monday Morning Star Count over at Life Under Quilts.

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Setting Stars

This week, I have three more stars to add to my collection, bringing the total to 16:

Hexagon star #14

Hexagon star #15

Hexagon star #16

I’m starting to think about how to set the stars now & am pretty certain I will go with equilateral triangles between the hexagons. All I need to do now is decide which colour. I laid out a few possibilities (please excuse the unpressed fabric!) First, yellow:

Yellow fillers?

But I think that makes just TOO MUCH YELLOW!!

Next, I tried white:

White fillers?

I think the stars stand out more on the white, but it’s just a bit too boring!

How about some wacky white on black dotty print?

Whacky black and white??

That feels more like my style – though I can’t use this particular print, as I only have a smallish piece. I like the way it lets the stars sing though!

What do you think, dear reader? Is it any of these, or something different entirely?!?

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Bouncing Back to (Not) School

It’s back to school for school kids and not back to school for home educated ones. What better way to bounce back into learning than with Sketch Tuesday? The first assignment of the new school year was to “sketch something that bounces“. Cue an education in 1970s TV programmes, and a drawing of Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout.

Here’s mine:

bounce - v

And here’s Rafe’s (if he is going to keep writing his real name on his drawings, it seems a bit pointless to carry on with the Waif pseudonym!!)

bounce - r

Don’t worry, we have also covered geography, with a game of City Country World :-) which, needless to say, Rafe won!


And this afternoon it’s down to the local swimming pool! Who needs school?

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